Classic Car Storage

The requirements of classic car storage are very different from those of storing a modern car. As classic car owners for many years ourselves we understand this.

Classic cars require specific care and maintenance

Due to the use of materials more vulnerable to damage and deterioration if neglected, classic cars require much more regular, careful and specific maintenance. Leather needs feeding, chrome & paintwork need protecting and fluids need checking for breakdown.

We are well prepared to provide any car with all the care it deserves during its stay with us.


Our expert mechanics will ensure all steering and suspension ball joints, king/swivel pins and prop shaft couplings are regularly greased to prevent rusting and help stop them from seizing, ultimately prolonging their lifespan.




As part of our Active Storage Programme™, we keep track of MOT and servicing dates for all the vehicles under our care. Following discussion with an owner, we can also instruct specialist maintenance, repair and restoration work to be carried out to any vehicle, either in our on-site facilities or at an alternative location chosen by the client.