Nestled in a discreet, rural location away from main roads, our purpose-built storage facility offers secure premium storage for all types of cars, protected by 24-hour CCTV surveillance and a network of security systems.


We have employed the principle of 'layered security', advocated by the police and security services, to provide the utmost protection for the vehicles in out care. As well as having 24-hour monitored CCTV surveillance and security alarms, entry to the site is by invitation only and we ask for photo ID before releasing the facility's address.

Fully Insured

CCS and it's employees are fully insured.
All buildings are fitted with alarm linked smoke and heat-detection sensors throughout. Vehicle keys are kept securely away from the facility.

Car Sourcing & Sales


Vehicles are kept in spacious individual bays in a completely stable, climate-controlled environment.
Our facility is spotlessly clean, dehumidified and heated creating the perfect environment to preserve and protect valuable vehicles.

Energy Efficient

By using cutting edge construction techniques, the latest ground-sourced heat pump technology and solar energy harvesting, we have created an A-rated energy efficiency storage facility with zero overall energy consumption.