Supercar Storage

Modern supercars are fantastic feats of engineering and design, but require the very best care to keep them in perfect condition.

Supercars benfit from stable storage conditions

With fewer mechanical parts than classic vehicles, but many more electronic systems, modern supercars can be very sensitive to dirty and damp conditions. At CCS, we care for each and every vehicle as needs require, ensuring it receives the very best attention while under our safekeeping.

Electrical Connections

Almost every system on a modern car is controlled by a sensor of some description, and sensor failure is the biggest single cause of modern car breakdowns. Cars in our care are connected to an intelligent charger ensuring a reliable and constant power supply to the electronic control modules, whilst maintaining the battery in peak condition. Where possible we also inspect and maintain the connections on the control modules to guard against failures.

Undertrays & Covers



As part of our Active Storage Programme™, we keep track of MOT and servicing dates for all the vehicles under our care. Following discussion with an owner, we can also instruct specialist maintenance, repair and restoration work to be carried out to any vehicle, either in our on-site facilities or at an alternative location chosen by the client.