Why Choose Us?

As classic car owners ourselves, we understand the problems which prevent you from being able to enjoy your vehicle, as and when you want.

Adam Wilcox

Adam Wilcox, Founder

"CCS grew out of a desire for a better provision of care for my own car collection... I am proud to offer our customers a storage facility that lives up to my own exacting standards of care and service."

At CCS, we want to make owning a vehicle an easy pleasure

CCS grew out of a desire for a better provision of care for my own car collection. Not having a suitable garage at home, my experience of classic car ownership was frustrating. Getting my hands on my cars in good working order and in time to enjoy them became a major issue. With increasingly infrequent use the condition of the cars appeared to be degrading and they became less and less reliable. When an opportunity arose for taking a car for a spin it was touch and go as to whether it would be in proper usable condition. A second and third vehicle added to the collection multiplied the issues.
This got me thinking, what if I could find a storage facility, properly climate controlled, dust free and with an Active Storage Program to maintain the cars in perfect and reliable condition? And what if I could access my vehicle at short notice, or maybe even have it delivered...

Storage Facility

Your car will be stored in our discreet storage facility, protected by 24-hour CCTV surveillance and a network of security systems.
Our team will take the utmost care of your vehicle, ensuring it is kept in premium condition. We will also keep track of your car's MOT renewal date and vehicle tax so that when you want to use your car next, you know it will be fuelled, fully functioning and ready to go.


Classic Car Storage

The requirements of classic car storage are very different from those of storing a modern car. As classic car owners for many years ourselves we understand this.


Supercar Storage

Modern supercars are fantastic feats of engineering and design, but require the very best care to keep them in perfect condition.


Collector's Car Storage

We understand how difficult it can be to manage multiple vehicles within a collection. Our systems allow us handle this with ease.